Vamos a España!

Happy 1st Long Travel Week!

Today, I embark on my first flight alone to meet my family in Barcelona! I am so excited to see them and to see Spain with them! They are currently in Istanbul because they had a 21 hour layover, so why not spend a night in Turkey? I’m excited for their mini-adventure and for their stomachs to be filled with delicious food.

I just had a lovely time with the one of a kind, Kate VP, visiting from London. It is a beautiful experience to share all of my daily joys and my wonderful host family with loved ones. One of those not so daily, but still quite incredibly joyful moments was the Saint Motel concert.

Kristina found this concert, and I’ve been trying to find a concert to attend while abroad, so it was a good match. I hadn’t listened to them before buying a ticket for their concert, but their music is quite good! I’ll post a link later. Anyway, the concert far exceeded any expectations I had ever dreamed of. It truly is one of my favorite nights and memories in Copenhagen thus far.

We were front row and center: I’m talking 2 – 3 feet away from the lead singer’s keyboard and mic!!!! Their music is totally my type.
(Their main single is “Just My Type”), and I was dancing, jiving, and grooving the whole entire time. I have not experienced so much pure joy and exhilaration for an extended period of time in quite a while! The concert was magnificent and magical. THEN, We met the band. They are so kind! They signed my cd and after talking to them for a bit, we left in a state of pure happiness and contented mess.








Music further enriched my life when Kate, Kahri, Rhainy and I attended a lovely jazz singer’s concert. It’s so fulfilling to watch people pursue their passions, and you could clearly see how Josefina loves what she does.


After that beautiful show, Kate and I came back for tea and cinnamon rolls (that I made from scratch!) with my host parents. We chatted with them and played/sang music for them. It was quite a hyggeligt evening! I think my host parents really enjoyed that, and I know we really enjoyed performing for them. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love music.

I’m currently sitting on the airplane waiting to go to Barcelona, and I am filled with so much peace knowing how lucky and beautiful my life is for all these amazing opportunities and memories I have this semester. I cannot wait to see my family and to see España!

Also, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I’m bad at blogging, but I plan to create a new series of posts highlighting especially enlightening information from my positive psychology core course and another series with Henning and Christa’s recipes! If I fail to do this, please hold me to it. 🙂

Vi ses, København, and Hola, Barcelona! 🙂